SOUL is the collection I started with. To me, it is the most connected to Earth, hence the name. It has the most texture, each curve is always taken from the trees, branches and in particular: their roots, they are what fascinates me the most.  In New Zealand their national tree is the so called "Pohotukawa" a tree that also 'announces' the summer with its red flowers (therefore also known as Christmas Tree),... it is one of the trees   that has most fascinate me, due to the way it grows... the roots tend to be

very visible to the surface, on cliffs and so on.. an allure for inspiration! Speaking of which, there is a Pohotukawa on the cliff of the very northern tip of New Zealand called Cape Reinga, it is said by the maoris that it is from that tree that the spirits leave their bodies when they die. Nevertheless, flowers and other trees I am a huge fan of too, in Venezuela we have so many species endemic to our country, yet alone on the surface of the magical "tepuys" (table-mountains, eldest rock formations on Earth)