Nature, ocean, beach, mountains, trees, exotic species, flowers, clouds...all this and more is reflected in Claudia's work. 

Someone whose guided by a fascination for an attention to detail within nature, trying to capture that little something 'organic' sort of saying, so we can hold on to it and carry it with us - on us - always.

She trained two years as a jeweler at Le Arti Orafe under Gió Carbone, surrounded by the cradle of the jewelry world in Florence and it's history. Her studies went from history to contemporary, going through design and a bit of gemology but mainly and always: hours and hours of lab work. Followed by Sculpture and further jewelry techniques at Instituto Allende and Billy King Studio under Billy King in the jewel of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Being in the middle of the desert in this colonial historical town (where the Mexican Independence took place), was magical in a different way. Many new techniques were added. This was a year of hands-on experience. 

In Venezuela Jaffé did an internship for four months with the amazing Ramón Llatche in his private workshop which probably was one of the most amazing experiences ever, working with tools over a hundred years old! To finalize she did her masters at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduating as graduate gemologist, jewelry designer and cad/cam designer.

Claudia then went to London were she had incredible couple of years working for Cartier and then Chanel in New Bond Street. Then she was taken by a massive change and a nature call to... New Zealand. By then already independent and following her heart and putting smiles onto peoples faces.

"There is no bigger honor to me than having someone tell you that something you have created has become part of their lives" 


Jewellery as Natural Elegance


instagram: #claudia_jaffe